Intercessors for America (IFA) is a 501(c)(3) ministry organization and got its start in 1973 when God impressed upon the hearts of a group of godly, respected men the necessity of prayer and fasting. The nation was experiencing a plethora of problems. The Watergate scandal, Vietnam War, Arab oil embargo, Roe v. Wade, a growing acceptance of drug use, and other challenges were changing the way Americans lived and thought.

A group of Christians had been placed together at a teaching conference in Florida focused on “prayer for the nations.” Challenged by the fresh and extraordinary teaching of the conference leaders, Derek Prince and Ern Baxter, a half dozen men were chosen to steward the movement of prayer and fasting for the nation. This group would become Intercessors for America. One of the first activities of the organization was at a large dining table where John Talcott and his wife, Roselyn, wrote and assembled a prayer letter mailed to a group of like-minded people who recognized the need for God to intervene in U.S. governmental and cultural issues. From these beginnings, IFA has grown to impact the masses. Our leadership is comprised of staff and board of directors, some of whom have been with the ministry since its inception.